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1 year


Residence System

What is the course?

It is a one-year course, in a seminary residency system. In addition to being complete in itself for the formation of the Disciple, it corresponds to the first year of the Bachelor's Course in Theology at SETECEB.

Who can apply?

Men and women who have completed high school and wish to deepen their biblical knowledge on the following fundamentals: Being, Knowing and Doing .


In addition to the content taught in the classroom, the internships allow experiences in ministerial practice and are supervised by SETECEB.  They are held in evangelical churches of different denominations throughout the course. They run it during the term on weekends and for twenty-one days in the middle of the year. 

Residence System

SETECEB has as a great differential  its Residence System that allows the integral formation of the seminarian in a Christian environment.

In addition to the studies, the close relationship with colleagues enables a greater exercise of communion, service and collaboration , which contribute to the formation of character .

During the course, the student participates in various group activities , such as devotionals, periods of praise and intercession, special services, theological and missionary conferences, community services, among others.

To make this possible, the seminarian is offered housing with water and energy, food and access to all common areas of the campus. In addition, resident teachers closely monitor their training.

*This course is also offered to non-residents. In this case, the duration will depend on how much time the student will invest in completing the subjects.

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