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the disciple

Four years

What is the course?

SETECEB's Master's program in Biblical Theology, from a biblical/theological perspective, aims to provide the opportunity for knowledge of theology itself from biblical authors, enabling pastors, preachers, educators and Christians to understand the worldview resulting in better service and application of the teachings of Holy Scripture.​​

  • The programs meet the academic requirements necessary for a stricto sensu master's degree and meet the standards of the Evangelical Association of Theological Education in Latin America (AETAL).  Although not subject to CAPES evaluation, they are recognized as a "Free Course" valid for ecclesiastical purposes (constitutional support: recognized and self-regulated by Opinions CNE/CES 241/99 - CNE/CP 097/99 - CNE/CES 765/ 99, and Decree Law No. 9394/96, Article 39, Paragraph 2 and Article 42. Decree Law No. 5154/04, Article 1, Item I; Article 3 and Decree Law 11.741/08).

Who is a candidate for the course?

  • Pastors, educators, missionaries, evangelists and Christian leaders, men and women graduates of undergraduate and licentiate courses

  • Proof of biblical knowledge (for those who do not have a degree/degree in theology

  • Pass the English test

  • Have a letter of pastoral recommendation

  • Complete the ministerial trajectory

  • Have all documentation approved

  • Pay the fee for inscription tion


If any requirement is not met, the candidate will be disqualified

What is the course?

March 16-19 – The Kingdom of God in the Synoptics

June 15-18 – The Historical Literature of the Old Testament

September 14th to 17th – Christian Worldview

November 9th to 12th – Poetic and Sapiential Literature

What is the course?

Subjects are taught in person on the SETECEB campus every three months (classes will also be broadcast online). Upon completion of the modules, the student will have 1 year to present their dissertation to an examining board

Tuesday to Thursday – 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Friday – 8:30 am to 12:00 pm

Note: Nights are reserved for research and reading.


  • Values for 2021:

    • Total value: BRL 10,200.00 (installed in 12 modules)

      • Module value: BRL 850.00

    • Registration in the selection process: R$ 150.00

    • Listening student: BRL 850.00


Enrollments: From 11/08 to 16/09/2021

Start of classes: 09/21/2021

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